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Pasteur Laboratory is a specialized environmental microbiology laboratory provides analysis of samples from indoor environments contaminated by fungi and other microorganisms. It is essential to confirm and identify the types of microbes present in the environment because some of them are harmless whereas others may pose potential health risk. With a growing awareness of the potential hazards of biological agents in our living environment, industrial hygienists help assess the potential health effects of air-borne mold and other biological contaminants. At Pasteur Laboratory, we provide quality sampling testing, accurate, reproducible, and legally-defensible data. Our reports are simple, easy to understand and interpret. Our staffs are highly qualified Ph.D scientists. We also provide full range of legal support, including expert witness in litigation. We are a service-oriented laboratory and work closely with indoor air quality professionals to help strengthen knowledge of environmental microbiology-related issue. At Pasteur Laboratory, we strongly believe that our quality services and customer support will always exceed your expectations.

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